Need Help? Start From Here!

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Need Help? Start From Here!

Postby TECOrange » Sun Jun 03, 2012 12:00 pm

Problems with a riverteams site? Well… nothing is perfect. Here is how to ask help.

Bugs Reporting: If you think that you came across with a bug (bug is a flaw of the system, an error or something like that. Not something you can't do because you don’t know how) then Private Message user TECOrange. Talk only in English in this message. Mention the site you found the issue (e.g., your username in this site (remember that none, never, from the support team, will ask for your password) and as much as possible information on what you were trying to do when the problem appeared.

TECOrange team will do their best to solve any issue ASAP. Do not post complaints about bug reporting or other request. The team does the best they can, and that behavior will not help.

Don’t post here bug reports since we can’t work them out. Help by reporting the bug with Private MSG to TECOrange. Bug reports posted here will be deleted in order to keep this forum clear.

Site Use Help: Post here with an appropriate title your problem or your question about an issue in the site. Search first to see if there is a reply on your issue. Add a descriptive Title (posts with title ‘help’ or ‘I cant do it’ will be deleted without even reading them, posts that mention things that have been answered in previous posts will be deleted without notice, that’s the only way to keep this forum helpful). Write in English language in this forum. Do not Private Message forum moderators, most of times they dont have time to read them and even when they read them they never have time to reply.

Thank you!
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