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Install ecorCRM with 5 simple steps. (you need to have php and mysql and web server)

1. Download software from

2. Create a blank database using your web hosting control panel

3. Import ecorcrm.sql file that you will find in your downloaded folder or run the include mysql queries

4. Upload the contents of html folder to your webserver root directory

5. Run with your browser install.php (
Select "Standard" installation profile at first step. Proceed with setting up your database details. At some point you will receive a message saying that your database in not empty, that is reasonable because we have already create the database and tables during step 3, there you stop. You are done!

Point your browser at you index.php file( and you will see your new installation of ecorCRM

Remember to delete from your server the install.php file and login immediately with username Admin password admin and change your administration password, email and site information details. Failure to do so may result in having your site hacked.

Also you may need to go to Home » Administration » Configuration » Media » File System and set your Temporary direcotry so what you have in your server e.g. 'tmp'. You need to do this if there is a value like 'x\xamp\tmp'. This will save you from errors when you try to update theme design or upload files e.t.c.

Finally check e-mail settings at newletter settings.
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