Add my share bar, social sharing buttons, in Drupal CMS

Add my share bar, social sharing buttons, in Drupal CMS

Postby TECOrange » Thu Jul 21, 2011 3:01 am

Estimated time needed for modification: 3 minutes


Login to your admin panel

Click Structure

Select Blocks

Click Add Block

At Block description type: my share bar

At Block body paste the code your have from

At Text format select Full HTML

At REGION SETTINGS select where your bar will appear.

Click Save Block

Your bar has been added, check your site’s front page to see appearance.

Now at your blocks your have the my share bar block tha you can edit anytime you want.


This procedure has been tested in Drupal version 7.4 but similar procedure should work on any version.

At Text format we selected Full HTML to avoid auto removing of the <iframe> tag. With out this we can not install the bar.

During block creation you have also the options to set in which pages the bar will be displayed.

This way, based on the block position selection you have made, my share bar can appear on all pages and your visitors will be able to socialize all these pages and articles with their distinguished page/article title and URL.

You can add button combinations to varius possitions of your site simple by creating more blocks. You can use <div> tags to set position left or right within your desired location.

An example or my share bar in Drupal can be found at the bottom of (my share bar appears at the header of the site as well as in the footer with different icons sizes)

Thank you!
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