Please Read This Before Posting for Support

Please Read This Before Posting for Support

Postby TECOrange » Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:30 am

Post here issues you have with the use of the software. Please note that this software is provided free as is and we are volunteers on that.

Post your support question with clear and descriptive for the issue title. Before posting check to see if there in an answer for your issue in the forum. Posts with titles general titles like ‘I need help’ will be deleted without even reading them.

For security related issues or incidents better send private message to me just to avoid exposing the community.

We can all help to make this forum helpful.

If you have write modules for cms integration please let us know so to make them available for the community.

About my share bar

My share bar allows you to add social media buttons like facebook, twitter, google +1 button and more functionality like favorites and e-mail page for your visitors so to get more traffic.

Unlike other services, our service does not add popup advertisements to your site.

Visit the following link to customize your bar and add it to your site

Thank you for your Interest!
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