paypal setup help needed

paypal setup help needed

Postby jimi009 » Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:17 pm

hi i just downloaded orange deals and am tring to test it im new to php so was wondering if there was any docs for help in edting the code,or if anyone can help with which part of get_cre_d.php to test it.thanx. and or are there any other files you think might need change please help thanx.
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Re: paypal setup help needed

Postby TECOrange » Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:47 pm

first go at

and download latest version (1.1) upload the new files in your folder (do not upload instal.php or confing.php, you dont have to reinstal just to replace some files with the new ones and add some)

once you do that the only thing you have to set is $paypal_mail= at file config.php with your paypal e-mail and you are ready to go

if you have sandbox paypal account and you whant to make test payments is to change

$p->paypal_url = ''; in get_cre_d.php to the sandbox paypal URL

$this->paypal_url = ''; in get_cre_d_class.php to the sandbox paypal URL

(get_cre_d_class.php is not in vesrion 1 but it is in version 1.1. )

hope that helps
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