How It Works

How It Works

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Effort Estimation Mobile Tool was built in order to give technical and non-technical people fast accurate effort estimations without having to complete complex forms and models. Effort Estimation Mobile Application can be used by sales people, developers, designers, project managers and actually anyone that can capture basic requirements.

Since it's a mobile app, you can do effort estimation on the go or just in the requirements meeting.

It can be used at early project stages, when not many details are available, and doesn't require full and detailed analysis.

The tool was developed by Spyros Ktenas


You can estimate the effort for a website or a mobile application. You can e-mail you estimation results and inputs and, also, save them locally. No internet connection is required for the application to work.

In addition, Effort Estimation Mobile Tool may give you not only the effort but also a basic time-plan for your project.

You can calibrate the model based on your development, design, testing and pm velocity in order to get even more accurate results that will fit your distinctive business.

Mobile effort estimation covers native or cross platform development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

How it Works

It is built to be simple and easy to be used by almost everyone.

The basic philosophy behind the model comes from project sizing of COCOMO II model (while the formula has been completely modified to make it easier to use and also to give more accurate results specifically for web and mobile projects), web and mobile analogies and latest production tools availability and development practices. The algorithm used in this application has been checked over a number of modern web and mobile projects.

You just have to input things that most people in IT and IT related positions can understand like number of screens, templates, team familiarity, number of services, basic complexity etc.

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