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How to Play

Notice: While the world (we call world a specific server) may have many sites connected and each site may have many players, the game rules are same for all in the same world (different worlds may have different rules).
Different sites may give you different interface to play. Earthlead comes out of the box with a simple basic interface. These instructions are based on the standard, out of the box interface.


Once you visit a site you have to register in order to play. You will have to choose a username and password and submit the registration form. After submitting the registration from you will receive an e-mail with a link you have to click in order to confirm your account. Once you confirm your account you can login and start playing.

First Steps

Once you login you will see the game map screen.

This is the main game screen. You can do most of the thing from here.

Focused Block

By default the system will focus on block on land. This block might be free or occupied by an other player. On the top of the screen you see some details about the focused block.

This shows the name of the block (if it has a name) the ability for culture, economy production, population, an icon showing if this block is the capital of any leader, the army of the block and the structures of the block.

If this is a block you own you can see all these details, if this block is owner by any other player you don’t have all these details.

In order to perform actions (change area name, train army, send army, build structures) on a block you own, you have to focus on it.

You can focus on any block by clicking on the map and then click ‘focus on this block’ or by clicking the red button on the map navigation bar. At this case you will focus on a block based on the coordinates next to the button. Below you will find more information on the map navigation bar.

The map navigation map

The first buttons on the map navigation map allow you to navigate to the map and change zoom map.
Notice: Working with zoom map is not recommended since you will have to wait even a few minutes since this brings a lot of information on screen.

Next to these buttons your can use coordinates and move to specific map areas by clicking ‘go’.

Please note that by moving to the map you don’t change block focus. In order to change the focused block to a new location you have to click the red button or click on the map and then ‘focus on this block’.

Next you have some functionality that is not directly connected to the map. E.g. search for a leader name, alliance or area name. A new window will open showing the results.

After that you have the buttons for private messages, game reports, alliance details and functions, profile information, game statistics and login – logout.

Messages and reports buttons change color if you have unread messages – reports and with mouse over you can see more details.

The map

With mouse over the map you can see some details of block of land. You can see more details on blocks you own.

By clicking on the map you can see more details and some actions e.g. send army to this block. The army will come from your focused block to the block you click. If you click on a block that you own you can change area name, set this block as capital area (you can only have one capital area), train army and build structures.

Blocks that you own have different color also blocks from leaders in same alliance have different color. Finally on map you can see more visual information, e.g. you can see if you have army on the block, if there is army coming or leaving, if there is a constructions work, if this block of land is more capable for economy, culture or population. Most of this information is available only when working with normal map zoom.

Information below the Map

Below the map you can see some general details about your nation, army moves, training que, construction queue, army send as reinforcements and few more


You can send messages to any user if you know his/her username. You can use as recipient ‘to_ally’ to message all alliance members. To do that you must have the alliance privileges for that.


At reports you can see details for army moves, battle results, alliance and diplomacy actions. You can make a report public. By doing this any player can see this report under his/her public reports view


Using the diplomacy button in the home page you can set up your own alliance, invite other leaders, manage alliance ranks and use alliance forums, or you can participate to an existing alliance. All these assume that you have the proper rights.

More information about setting up alliance ranks

In order to give special rank to a leader you type leader name and check the boxes with the specific privileges you want to give. At the rank field you type a name for the rank, anything you wish.

The Privileges:
Message All: User can send mass message to all alliance members
Invite: User can invite other member to alliance
Remove: User can remove people from alliance
Diplomacy: User can accept or send peace pacts and declare war
Manage Forums: The user is a forum moderator
Manage Ranks: The user can give or take priveldges from other users.

You can edit any user privileges by typing his/her username and resubmitting the form with the new privileges you want.


Using the profile button you can change your profile and account information.


Using the statistics button you can view various game statistics and ranking.

Secret Funds Icon (Buy Secret Funds)

This button is located on top rigth of map page. All leaders can buy some Secret Funds with real money by clicking the Secret Funds icon in game home page (map screen).

While this is not something that someone has to do, it might help to develop faster. Unlike other similar games, the amount of money players are allowed to give to buy secret funds is limited so hard working players can compete.

At earthelead we respect players and the game so, we limit the amount any player can pay secret funds.

The money you spend for secret funds are shared between plus site owners and global server maintainers and ensures the game existence and further developement for a free for all game.

You can use secret funds to hurry production, merge army, change capital and more. Also you can send sectret fund to a leader (e.g. for trading land or hiring army) and to your gold vault to use it as normal gold.

Army Move Types and Units

There are 4 army moves.
Attack, attack on a specific land area.
Attack and conquer, this results in a battle to end, where one of the 2 armies (defender or attacker) is eliminated. If the attacker wins, he/she, conquers that target area, this also costs gold to the attacker. If the land finally conquered, the army is not returning to the base but stays to the new conquered land.
Reinforce, reinforces a part of land. The army is defending the reinforced land in case of attack. Reinforcement can call back by sender or send back by receiver at any time.
Merge, merges the army with the army on a specific part of land, it can be own land or other leader land. This action can not reversed, once the army is merged is one with the army in the target land.

General about army moves

Naval units can move only if they are in a part of land that has sea and arrive to a part of land that also has sea.

If with army send there is a transport unit this is considered to be a transport move so the units that will participate should be in such number that can be transported.

Transport units can also participate in attack in defense.


Although units can travel any distance for reinforce or merge, have specific ranges when it is for attack or attack and conquer. If in transport the distance extends to the transport unit range.


Every unit has specific speed. If in transport, unit travel with transport speed.

Unit characteristics

Every unit has specific characteristics. You can view unit’s characteristics by visiting ‘Army’ link in home/map page.

Population and army

Army training requires part of population

Army maintenance costs

Every unit has, except of cost to build/train, cost to maintain. If gold reserves fall at zero (0) total army is lost.


There 6 different types of structures. Each structure has its own characteristics.

Culture Structures
Culture structures improve the total culture of a nation. The more culture the faster population grows. Also culture is necessary in order to conquer land.

Economy Development
Economy Development structures help to increase nation's gold income.

Defense Structures
Defense structures endurance the defense of on the specific part of land in case of attack.

Transportation Structures
Units starting from a part of land with transportation structures move faster.

Military Structures
When build, army trained faster on this part of land.

General Infrastructure
Helps build faster all structures on this part of land

Block of land details

Every block of land has a culture ability, economic ability and population. The more culture ability the more culture this part of land produces. The more the economic ability the more the gold this area produces. Population is necessary for army. People from population join army. If very low in population at some point you may not be able to produce army. Also population is necessary in order to get new land.
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