New in Version 1.3 and upgrade information

New in Version 1.3 and upgrade information

Postby TECOrange » Sun Aug 18, 2013 11:01 pm

Download Link:


version 1.3

-Issue Tracking Added
-Fix to send all mails as embended html and not as html attachements
-Fix to be able to assign work or issues only to project memebers including PM
-Minor design fixes


Installation for average users takes about 3-4 minutes.

You need mysql and php in your web server in order to use this software.

1) Back up your old files and database (just in case).

2) Edit file config.php (located in "http" folder) and put your database connection information, and rest of required settings.

3) Upload to your web server root the contents of the folder "http" and replace your old files.

4) Point your browser at install.php?sw=2 you just uploaded with rest of files at "http" folder. This will create your new database tables OR use the sql queries in upgrade_from_12_to_13_sql.txt to manually create the new tables

Remember to delete install.php when you finish.
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